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• Meet with Engineer to discuss service requirements.
• Purchase electrical permits.
• Commercial services requires permits to be purchased by a registered electrician.
• Begin electrical work associated with the project.
• Call for electrical inspections as the project progresses.
• Pays any and all applicable fees and deposits associated with the project. Such fees may include connection fees, contribution in aid of construction or a facilities repayment contract.
• Apply for service with CPWS Customer Service Department.
• Complete the project with an approved final inspection.
• CPWS Engineer will draft work order for service extension.
• CPWS Power Construction will install new facilities to provide service to the new structure.



Your Quality Contractor Network member will need the Site ID to apply for your rebates.
A breakdown of rebates available in your area is listed in the Rebate Schedule below.
Rebates will be sent by check to the address where upgrades occur.

Upgrade Homeowner Rebate (Matching 50%) Limitations
Attic Insulation $250/home One Time Only
Air Sealing $200/home One Time Only
Duct System (existing HVAC only) $200/system One Time Per System
Heat Pump Water Heater $200/unit No Limit
Window Replacement1 $25/window $500 Max Per Home
Storm Windows added to single-pane windows $12.50/window $250 Max Per Home
Exterior Door Replacement1 $50/door $300 Max Per Home
Heat Pump – ducted system, or a non-ducted system1 $250/unit No Limit
Tune-up for existing central heat pump or air conditioning system $15/unit One Rebate Per Unit Per Year
Central Air Conditioning Replacement1 $0/unit No Limit
Geothermal Heat Pump Replacement1 $500/unit No Limit
Dual Fuel Heat Pump Replacement1 $250/unit No Limit

1Must meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Program restrictions apply:
·  Home must be a single family dwelling.
·  Home must have had permanent electric service for a minimum of one year.
·  Although eScore is designed for repeat participation, limitations on individual
upgrades exist.  (See Rebate Schedule above for details).

Special financing options are available; please call CPWS at (931) 388-4833 for additional
information or you can download TVA’s heat pump financing instructions by clicking here.

CPWS will be performing inspections anytime attic insulation or HVAC equipment is
installed. Evaluation fee is refundable to the homeowners, if they install recommended
improvements costing $150 or more within 180 days of the scoring evaluation.

Call us at 931-388-4833 or visit (1-855-2eScore).
The above information is subject to change. Please check your customer portal or
call the office for the most current information.
• A $150 home energy evaluation fee must be paid up-front by the homeowner.  If any recommended improvements are made over $150, the fee will be reimbursed.
• Contact CPWS at 931-388-4833 to arrange for an in-home energy evaluation by a TVA-certified evaluator.
• The evaluator will inspect your home, and report outlining the potential energy-efficient modifications that need to be made and the available incentives offered (listed below) will be available for the homeowner to view at
• Modifications must be made by a member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network.  The evaluator will provide the names of qualified contractors.
• All home improvements must be completed within 180 days of evaluator’s recommendations to be eligible for incentives and reimbursement of the evaluation fee. Once the work is finished, it will be inspected to ensure that everything is installed properly to maximize savings.
• After the inspection, you must submit receipts to CPWS for the completed work to be eligible for the cash incentive.
• Rental property is eligible for the program.  Landlord to initiate evaluation.  Tenant must sign a release for electric history.
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What is Green Power Switch?
Green Power Switch is a renewable energy initiative that offers consumers in the Tennessee Valley a choice in the type of power they buy. TVA and local public power companies, working in cooperation with the environmental community, developed Green Power Switch as a way to bring green power—electricity that’s generated by cleaner, renewable resources such as solar, wind, and methane gas—to Valley consumers.

How does green power benefit the environment?
The environmental effects of traditional energy sources like coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear power can be significant. Although no source of energy is impact-free, renewable resources create less waste and pollution. In fact, an investment of an additional $8 per month on your power bill buys enough Green Power Switch to equal the environmental benefits of planting an acre of trees in the Tennessee Valley region.

How will I be billed?
A line item for participation in the Green Power Switch will appear on your monthly power bill.

How will my electricity bill be calculated?
Green Power Switch is sold in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks.  Each block adds $4 to the customer’s monthly power bill. Commercial and industrial customers may purchase blocks based on the amount of energy they use.

Why does green power cost more?
Although renewable sources like sunlight and wind are free, the technology used to capture the energy they produce is still more expensive than traditional power generation methods. However, increased demand may lead to expanded power production capacity and eventually to lower costs.

Terms & Conditions
Green Power Switch is certified by the Green-e Renewable Energy Certification Program, which requires companies offering certified products to provide residential electricity customers with this notice of price, terms, and conditions of service. Participation in Green Power Switch is voluntary. A customer may discontinue participation in the program at any time. You may cancel your agreement to participate by contacting CPWS at 931-388-4833 or by sending an email to

Who should I contact for more information?
Contact CPWS at 931-388-4833 or TVA’s Green Power Switch staff at You may also write to Green Power Switch, P.O. Box 292409, Nashville, TN 37229-2409, or call 615-232-6756.


Interested in generating green power and selling it to TVA through CPWS’ local power grid? Become a Green Power Provider and join others providing clean energy resources to the Tennessee Valley.

For enrollment in 2016 Green Power Providers program please use the forms below.  TVA has an on-line application tool for beginning the process with an electronic Capacity Reservation Request (CRR).

Visit  to learn more about the program.

CPWS strongly urges that owner, participant and installer to contact CPWS before CRR submittal.  The program requires CPWS electric account and CRR submitted information to agree.  Failure to properly complete CRR shall result in a rejection of the CRR application.   CPWS urges electronic CRR to be submitted to allow proper CRR review according to CPWS GPP Overview Statement of TVA’s GPP Program.

Green Power Providers Overview
Interconnection Agreement
Participation Agreement
TVA GPP Guidelines CY 2017
TVA GPP Capacity Reservation Request Supplement
Policy and Procedure Statement 2014
Interconnection Application Tier 1 Form
Interconnection Application Tier 2 Form


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