Our customers depend on us every day to deliver a continuous supply of electricity at a reasonable price. CPWS provides electric service to customers located in the cities of Columbia and Spring Hill and other areas within Maury County. 



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Our electric power is generated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  TVA operates a fleet of coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, and renewable generation facilities, suppling nine million customers with dependable electric power. 

To deliver this service reliably, CPWS must build and maintain an extensive network of poles and wires connecting each home and business to CPWS’ electric infrastructure.  In addition, CPWS utilizes a team of professional tree-trimmers to clear hazardous foliage to reduce outages for our local customers.


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Electrical Safety

Downed Power Line on Fence 
If a power line falls on a fence, you should never get anywhere close to the fence.  The electricity can travel through the fence (made of metal) and shock you even though you may not be near the spot where the power line is touching the fence.

Where is the best place to fly a kite? 
The best place to fly a kite is a big open field where there are no power lines.

Power Lines on Top of Cars
If a power line fell on your vehicle, would you stay in or get out?

The rubber tires on the vehicle protect it.  Remember, rubber is an insulator.  Also remember that people are conductors.  Lastly, remember that electricity is always trying to get to the ground.  That means if you step out of the vehicle, the electricity will flow through you to get to the ground.  The same holds true if you see someone else's vehicle with a power line on top.  Don't go near it, just go to a telephone and call for help.

Tree Near Power Line
What is a good tree to climb? A good tree to climb is one that is not near a power line.  If the wind blows, a limb of the tree could touch the power line.   Remember, wood is a conductor.  So if you want to climb a tree, make sure there are no power lines near it.
Note:  Also remember that if you or your parents are going to plant a tree, look up and make sure it won't be near a power line when it gets tall.

Squirrels and Other Animals Causing Outages
The number one cause of power outages is small animals.  Small animals like squirrels like to rest on top of the transformers because they are warm.  When they get ready to move, they may touch a power line, or get near enough for it to arc, which will kill the animal and cause the power to go out.

Antenna on House
If you have an antenna on your house, make sure it is not near a power line.   When the wind blows, the antenna could sway.  If it is near a power line, it could touch it.  This would cause the electricity to come down the antenna and into your house.  It would most likely catch your house on fire.  Definitely a safety hazard.

Some Other Rules to Remember:
If you are swimming when it starts to storm, get out.  If lightning were to strike it would kill you.  Remember, water & people are good conductors of electricity.

  • If you are out on a boat, such as a sailboat, make sure the mast or any other part of the boat does not get near power lines.
  • When you dry your hair, listen to the radio, or use a curling iron, make sure you do not get these near water.
  • Never get anything that plugs in near water.  Since water is a good conductor, if you get anything electric in the water, it will kill you.
  • The plastic yellow protectors you see on power lines are called guy wires.  These are there so that you can see them.  The wires that these are on hold the power lines tight.  If you were playing on one of these and the wires got loose, they could touch each other & cause an electrical outage and maybe even an explosion (ball of fire).
  • Remember, always look up and be cautious if power lines are present.

Security Lighting

Have you ever tripped over something when you took out the trash in the dark? Have you had to stumble around to your way to the door because your porch light was out? These and many other potentially dangerous situations can be alleviated by adding outdoor lighting.

For Convenience
Outdoor lighting will add many hours to the time you and your family can spend enjoying your yard. Outdoor lighting can provide more “day-like” hours for basketball on a driveway, summer cookouts, badminton courts, gardening, or wherever you would like to continue your activities after dark.

For Security
Surely as night follows day, crime goes up when the sun goes down. That’s why outdoor lighting protects your family and home from violence, theft, and vandalism. A two-year lighting study done in Washington, D.C. shows a 44% decrease in residential burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism after the installation of outdoor lighting. There is no doubt that outdoor security lighting offers peace of mind and is one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can buy.

Please contact CPWS for information on adding outdoor lighting to your home.  For a nominal monthly fee, CPWS can install and maintain specialized lighting to nearby utility poles to help illuminate your home.  Please CPWS at 931-388-4833 for more information.

Tree Management

Information on proper tree placement and trimming concerns 


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