Water Engineering Technician

Job Title: Water Engineering Technician

Department: Water Distribution

Reports To: Water Engineering Manager

Classification: Non-exempt

Job Purpose: To inspect and oversee all outside contractor work for Columbia Water System, prepare construction plans, and support the Water Distribution department with internal design, installation, and maintenance of water infrastructure.


  • Inspect all contractor work
  • Design and draft water distribution system extensions
  • Maintain water distribution maps
  • Prepare as-built drawings
  • Flow fire hydrants and blow-offs
  • Prepare computer analysis of the water distribution system
  • Prepare and review site plan preparation
  • Perform hydraulic calculations
  • Draw highway permits
  • Change out meters
  • Perform water construction maintenance on as needed basis
  • GPS water facilities
  • Subject to stand-by, after-hours, and/or emergency call-out
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Acknowledge and adhere to all CPWS policies
  • Regular attendance at work
  • Perform duties safely without endangering self, others, and the public
  • Ability to skillfully use Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel, hydraulic computer programs, GIS systems, and drafting tools
  • Ability to read and understand instructions and job-related material (blueprints, drawings, orders, safety data sheets, distribution maps, manuals, etc.)
  • Ability to write
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Ability to deal with the public
  • Ability to accept the responsibility for job completion
  • Ability to supervise and monitor contractors’ work performance
  • Ability to occasionally use hand tools or machines needed on the job: paving breaker, air tamp, rock drill, push machine, taping machine, pipe saw, air compressors, etc.
  • Ability to work inside and outside and be exposed to noisy places, fumes, chemicals, toxic substances, and machinery
  • Ability to be exposed to weather conditions that are cold, hot, rainy, and windy

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to sit at a desk or table for up to 8 hours per day
  • Ability to lift 0 – 100 pounds for 2 hours a day
  • Ability to lift and/or carry objects weighing 0 – 25 pounds for 6 hours a day
  • Ability to walk
  • Ability to stand for 8 hours a day
  • Ability to stoop, kneel, and crouch for long periods of time
  • Ability to talk, see, and hear:

Education, Experience, and Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Associate degree in engineering or engineering classes preferred
  • Maintain a valid State of Tennessee Driver’s License
  • Must have knowledge of water line construction
  • Must be proficient in Word, Excel, and operating various computer programs and tools
  • State of Tennessee Grade II Distribution System Operator Certificate preferred

Residency Requirements:

  • Must reside within the CPWS service territory or Maury County due to the position being subject to stand-by, after-hours, and/or emergency call-out.

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, management reserves the right to revise the job or to require that additional and/or different tasks be performed when circumstances change (i.e., emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, rush jobs, or technological developments). This job description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

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