Help Us Grow Maury

In past years, CPWS customers have funded tens of thousands of dollars in computer hardware, software and other technology supplies for classroom use. Do your part by filling out the form below!nnFor more information about the RoundUp Program, please call CPWS at (931) 388-4833.

School Recipient
Maury County Public SchoolsAgathos Classical SchoolColumbia AcademyZion Christian Academy

This money pursuant to the RoundUp Program will be paid into a fund to be administered by the Maury Alliance for the purposes set forth above. This authorization obligates me to pay the additional money designated until such time as I deliver to CPWS a written request that this obligation be terminated. Upon receipt of said written request, CPWS will terminate my RoundUp Program participation as of the next regular billing cycle, and I will no longer be obligated to make said payments.

Disclaimer: All proceeds from this program are from public donations. No CPWS revenue is donated to any school through this Roundup Program. Columbia Power & Water Systems does not keep any of the money donated through this program and charges no administrative costs to this program.