Assistant Water Distribution Superintendent

Columbia Power & Water Systems seeks an individual for a full-time, exempt Assistant Water Distribution Superintendent to assist the Water Distribution Superintendent in supervising and coordinating all activities related to the maintenance and operation of the Water Distribution infrastructure.

Supervisor responsibilities in the absence of the Water Distribution Superintendent include the following: supervise the design and installation of new water infrastructure; supervise the maintenance and repair of existing water infrastructure; and responsible for safety of Water Distribution crews and the public.

Duties and responsibilities include the following: assess existing water infrastructure for integrity and offer suggested timeline for replacement; determine construction equipment needs; read and interpret maps and construction plans; locate mains and service lines; issue daily job orders to the Water Distribution Foreman; inspect work plans and progress of construction activity; oversee Water Distribution construction jobs; provide support to the Water Production department when construction services are requested; attend pre- construction meetings with Engineering Technicians for pending new residential and commercial construction developments, when needed; conduct GPS activity for locating meters, valves, etc. with Engineering Technicians, when needed; meet with customers regarding questions pertaining to tap size, location, pressure, etc., when needed; communicate with Engineering Technicians regarding daily work assignments and provide direction, when needed; coordinate with the city and county road paving schedules to align water line replacements to coincide with their schedule; subject to stand-by, after-hours, and/or emergency call-out; and other work as assigned.

Required skills and abilities include the following: acknowledge and adhere to all CPWS policies; regular attendance at work; perform duties safely without endangering self, others, and the public; ability to read and understand instructions and job-related materials; ability to read and write; ability to follow instructions; ability to deal with the general public; ability to accept the responsibility for job completion; ability to supervise and monitor work being performed; ability to skillfully use hand tools or machines needed on the job; ability to work outside and be exposed to noisy places, fumes, chemicals, toxic substances, and machinery; and the ability to be exposed to weather conditions that are cold, hot, rainy, and windy.

Physical requirements include the following: ability to lift 0 – 100 pounds for 2 hours a day; ability to lift and/or carry objects weighing 0 – 25 pounds for 6 hours a day; ability to walk, ability to stand for 8 hours a day; ability to stoop, kneel, and crouch for long periods of time; and the ability to talk, see, and hear.

Education, experience, and qualifications include the following: high school diploma required; valid Tennessee Class A or B Commercial Driver’s License required; State of

Tennessee Grade II Distribution System Operator Certificate required; minimum 1-year supervisory experience required; and direct supervisory experience as a Crew Foreman is preferred, but not required.

Residency requirements include residing within a CPWS service territory or Maury County due to the position being subject to stand-by, after-hours, and/or emergency call-out.

Applicants may submit resumes and/or applications. Resumes may be submitted by visiting CPWS’ Career Page on-line at -water-systems. Applications are available on our website at If not submitting a resume on-line, fully completed applications can be mailed to CPWS, ATTN: Human Resources Manager, P. O. Box 379, Columbia, TN 38402-0379 or dropped off at CPWS at 201 Pickens Lane, Columbia, TN. On-line resumes and/or completed applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications will be discussed only during interview. Excellent benefit package. Drug-Free Workplace. Drug testing is a condition of employment with CPWS. EOE.

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